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What type of yoga is...

There are many different styles of yoga, please find more details on each style below. All of these are available for you to try at TrinityTreeYoga. If  you are looking for pregnancy or postnatal classes please click below.
  1. Ashtanga
    Six established series of strenuous poses — the primary, second, third series and so on — practised sequentially as progress is made. The class will move rapidly, flowing from one pose to the next with each inhale and exhale. Each series of poses linked by the breath in this way is called a Vinyasa. It is this dynamic breathing and movement which assists heating the body purifying the blood and organs, creating transformation from the inside.
  2. Vinyasa
    An active and athletic style of Yoga adapted from the traditional Ashtanga. Unlike Ashtanga, Vinyasa or flow Yoga doesn’t stick to the same sequence of poses each time, so the style varies making the classes vastly different. The class is fluid, movement-intensive practice.,where the movement is synchronised to the breath. Creating a supple body, clear mind and strong sense of well-being.
  3. Beginners
    Beginners classes cover all the Yoga basics, giving you the confidence to move on to other styles. You will learn the fundamentals of key Yoga postures, some of their Sanskrit names and breathing techniques. Learn how to stretch your muscles without causing pain and how to use your breath to deepen your flexibility and sense of well-being.
  4. Mummyoga-Prenatal
    The Yoga postures are carefully adapted for expectant mothers. Prenatal Yoga is tailored to provide flexibility, strength and relaxation. Keeping the muscles strong throughout the trimesters will ensure that they have strength and energy to more quickly return to normal.
  5. Mummy&Me
    This Yoga practice is adapted specifically for mum and shows you how to effectively and correctly strengthen the pelvic and abdominal muscles, release tight shoulders and neck from holding and feeding your baby, and to relax (useful when you're sleep deprived!). The yoga practice allows baby to come along so we go with the flow, if baby cries, crawls, feeds or needs changing it's OK, it's called being a mum!
  6. Me-Time
    A class specially for women after birthing who want to give them selves some TLC. The postures have been adapted to show you how to effectively and correctly strengthen muscles, release tension and importantly to relax and recover. This is practice to nurture the inner woman.
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