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Frequently asked questions

 I say Yoga, you think...

Yoga conjures up many things to different people from lentil weaving hippies to super healthy, super bendy yogis.
Please find below FAQ to hopefully shed some light
  1. Where is the studio and is there parking?
    TTyoga is a small studio which is set in the grounds of the owners property. Our address can be found on the 'I want to start yoga' page or please call 07415507266 for details of location. There is parking, which should be ample for the capacity of the studio. Please park with consideration to maximise the space available. TTY can not take responsibility for vehicles parked and items are left at owners risk.
  2. What time should I arrive?
    We ask that you arrive 5 minutes before the class is due to start to allow for you to get settled in the studio. There is a walk over a field to the studio, so wear suitable footware. If you are new to the Trinitytreeyoga studio you will be personally met and taken to studio to register and get settled in.
  3. What do I need to bring?
    Trinitytreeyoga provides all mats, blocks, belts and bolsters, of course you're welcome to bring your own mat and equipment. If you wish to bring a blanket you may, though these are not essential.
  4. Are there any facilities ?
    Trinitytreestudio has a small changing space and toilet. Cold water is provided for all of our classes. When we hold workshops, water and hot drinks are always provided.
  5. I have an injury can I still attend a class?
    Yes, yoga is suitable for people of all abilities and strengths, if it is an old injury yoga can be a great way to rehabilitate and build strength. If it is a new injury you need to be mindful and take modifications given. Always inform us about any injuries old or new. Yoga shouldn’t hurt if you listen to your body, it knows best.
  6. Don't I have to be flexible ?
    Social media showcases many Yogis in all kinds of poses looking super toned and super flexible. You don’t need to have that level of flexibility to begin. Practising yoga regularly will increase your flexibility and even your tightest muscles will begin to relax. All that is needed, is patience and practice.
  7. Can I lose weight?
    A healthy diet and regular Yoga practise will help stimulate weight loss & tone muscles. Some types of yoga are designed to build heat and keep up the heart rate throughout the class. If you’re looking for an aerobic workout, then Vinyasa flow might be the class, if looking for a more considered type of yoga, then Yin and Hatha will better suited. Visit our class types page.
  8. Why should I come to Trinitytreeyoga?
    We won't intimidate you, we won't make you feel like you can't keep up. Our classes are small and operate like a community. We look out for each other and my expertise will ensure that you will always have the practice you need to improve and enjoy.
If you have any further questions, please don't hesistate to call to discuss or email us using the contact form below.
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