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Frequently asked questions

Pregnancy, birthing and postpartum  conjures up many things for those new to these experiences.
Those who have previously been there will have their own thoughts on how yoga might have helped!

Here are some of the most common questions asked and if it not listed, then please use the conact form or give me a call, I warmly welcome all questions.
  1. I have just had a baby, when can I start doing yoga?
    The first 6 weeks is adjusting to a new life being part of yours. We very much welcome you and your baby to our Mama&Baba postnatal class after this precious period. If you are looking to recapture some Me Time Yoga then try our postnatal just for new mums.You can then connect with other mothers who are going through the same experiences as you.
  2. Why do the postnatal classes cost less ?
    There are lots of great baby activities across the county. Many mums want to be involved in as many of those activities to benefit their babies. This can result in mums forgetting about time for their own well-being. Being a new mum and working within the budget maternity pay can offer. I wanted to reflect this in the pricing and offer an affordable service to assist mothers back to regaining fitness.
  3. What do I need to bring?
    For "Mummyoga" & Me-Time we recommend that you bring a blanket, this is to provide extra padding in the kneeling postures and to curl up under in the relaxation! For "Mummy&Me" we recommend that you bring something soft and cosy for your baby to lie on. Mats will be available, if you have your own please bring.
  4. I am attending Me-Time postnatal class what time do I arrive at the Trinitytreeyoga studio ?
    We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before the class is due to start to allow for you to get settled at the studio and relax into the class. If you are new to the Trinitytreeyoga studio you will be personally met and taken to studio to register and get settled in.
  5. I am pregnant, can I do a yoga class?
    If you are less than 15 weeks pregnant we recommend that you take time to adjust the exciting changes happening to your body. From 15 weeks plus we would be delighted to welcome you at our Pregnancy yoga classes. Even if you have never done yoga before pregnancy yoga is suitable for a beginner.
  6. I practised yoga before will a Mum2Byoga class be suitable ?
    Our classes will show you how to modify your existing practice and add in particular sequences that are helpful for your baby’s positioning and for birth itself. As pregnancy progresses it is a good idea to listen to your body and adapt your practice so you are working safely. You can also make your practice stronger, as suits you. Just come along and chat it through.
  7. Can I lose weight?
    The Mummy&me classes are a more considered type of yoga,. A PostMummy&Me or Me-Time class is helping a mum to reconnect and reshape her body, provide relaxation or create time to assist her bond with her baby It might be after a regular practice at these classes with a healthy diet, will help stimulate weight loss & tone muscles. At the right time,a mum can move to attending other classes on offer.
  8. Why should I come to Mum2yoga classes at Trinitytreeyoga?
    To truly get the best yoga for you as a mum to be or new mum you will need a qualified pre/postnatal yoga guide. Mummyoga classes under Trinitytreeyoga was created to offer you that. The teaching is of the highest calibre, and I am here to share my own personal pre/postnatal yoga learning and practice with you. But its not just about the teaching its also the supportive, fun, student community we are looking to grow.
If you have any further questions, please don't hesistate to call to discuss or email us using the contact form below.
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