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Be the best version of You!

Welcome to Trinitytreeyoga. Whether you're new to yoga, an experienced practitioneror somewhere inbetween; Trinitytreeyoga has a class for you. Yoga benefits all regardless of age or life stage. Trinitytreeyoga offers the highest standard of teaching. So start your amazing yoga journey with us.

The Studio

In the heart of the Herefordshire countryside

Here in our little studio at Trinitytreeyoga you will experience small carefully curated classes that offer to help you find more body-mind balance in your life and to become the best version of you. Our small friendly studio is on the outskirts of the market town of Ledbury. The studio offers stunning views across the Herefordshire countryside creating a calming and relaxed space to practice yoga. The setting, views and proximity to nature create a calming, nurturing and relaxed place to practice yoga.  
Are seeking a more complete, authentic and personally involved Yoga experience 
A smaller class environment allows for a more relaxed atmosphere and in turn a greater level of personal attention. In our classes everyone can see the teacher and the teacher can see you, instructing everyone to obtain poses correctly and safely.

Larger studios can offer feel intimidating, instead our studio is calm and peaceful; a place where you can connect and communicate with your fellow Yogis. We emphasise the holistic benefits of Yoga, creating classes that nourish body, mind and soul.  

Empowerment, health, vitality, focus, determination, strength, tenderness, compassion, creativity and above all, self appreciation. Whilst we cannot guarantee the above list, we can  tell you from experience that if you come with an open mind and an open heart- something positive will happen and it may not be what you expected!

Our Goals
  1. 1. Body
    Develop the BEST body - through the practice of yoga you will improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility and balance. Here at Trinitytreeyoga we encourage everyone to come and try. Beginners should never feel intimidated, because we never forget that we were all beginners too. Learn more about your own body through regularly attending our yoga classes. We will provide focused instruction to help you get the best from your practice. All classes focus on the anatomical elements of the poses, helping you to improve your alignment, posture and body. Choose from out list of classes to find one that matches your personal goals.
  2. 2. Mind
    Develop the BEST mind - as we go deeper into ourselves we become more aware of how our bodies move, alongside our thoughts and feelings. Here at Trinitytreeyoga with thoughtful guidance we will keep you present and less caught up in your own thoughts, so you can relax and be in the moment. We will encourage you to practice regularly, discovering more about yourself as you progress. You may find that you benefit from being more self aware, physically and mentally. Many people find a lasting feeling of calm, they see improvements in their sleep patterns, their stress levels decrease.and overall they achieve a level inner peace.
  3. 3. Spirit
    Just BE- we foster a supportive and collaborative group approach to all aspects of yoga development - Trinitytreeyoga is a modern yoga community Individuals who are part of a community are significantly more able to cope with the stress and physical & emotional impacts to the mind and body of modern day life. As a community we strive to learn grow, seeking strength of mind body and soul. We aim to support what you do and embrace who you are.
Latest News
About Us
I work as a yoga teacher and wanted to create a space at home where I could teach small groups and private classes. Where clients can enjoy privacy away from a busy gym or studio. Trinitytreeyoga is here to bring improvement in mental and physical health and wellbeing.  I want to increase participation in yoga and provide my students with excellence in teaching. To learn more click below.
Take a Look
Click below to see some of the poses we teach.
I embrace a range of yoga styles and forms; from the traditional styles of Hatha, Yin through to more contemporary styles of Vinyasa.

I will meet the needs of the student through the provision of a tailored variations through the poses, to meet specific goals and ambitions so I can succesful cater for mixed ability classes.

Where the individuals goal is aimed at  restoration or realignment, e.g. to combat muscoskeletal conditions I will create specific programmes to restore your strength usually better addressed through one to one sessions.

Whatever your personal yoga journey, I can help you get there safely and progressivly regardless of your level of ability. Feel free contact me to chat through.
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